by Worker

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released December 13, 2011


tags: rock Nashville


all rights reserved


Worker Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Back To The Clinic
Back to the clinic!
I believed in prescriptions
Crash my nervous system
Red, White, Blue - stack the symptoms
USE ME! - sustain your mission
Relief I feel when I grip the bottle
Twenty years later - same damn problem
Digest that tablet - little pills compound the stress

Must trust manufactured control
Quick fix to fit my mind mold
Titrate up - Temporarily quelled
Race to the cabinet and find myself

DRUGS - Day after day after day after day after day after day - until it's a blackout

One component in living to crawl
Believe in gods who market a "cure all"
Guarded fields - Protected pockets
Pure peace is not an opiate

Place it on the tongue
My blues will build and stay
I know I'm not meant to live this way

There's a threshold I'm going to find
Where I make my own damn mind
There's a threshold I'm going to find.
Track Name: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
When I begin this process (forget)
No time to reset
Gentle reason (just vapor)
Cut out the mediator

Convoluted stories
Drag my chest
Stomach in this mess
There's no rest

Tracing steps - Racing breath
Trigger the tension - Not yet!
Tracing steps of racing breath
Cycles stirring in this vortex

Twist every aspect
Repeat until perfect

Temper, temper, temper
Broken teeth
This is not me!
Relearn to breathe

With every bit of progress I make
I lie to myself - contain this headache
A noiseless room and I'm the one
Set to implode - Resisting obsession

Nervous for no reason
Tell me because I need it!
Stagger in a daze
don't you hear me pray?

Draw in - narrow channels
(blood flow)
Motivation - Unravel
Rattle every ritual
Level intake
Come find me
I can't find a way out

So, the next time you that you see me
I plan to tell you I'm getting free
Days pile up - they keep me learning
My time was never wasted
Tables are, tables are turning.
Track Name: Personification
My god, my father, shapeshifter, messiah
My god, my brother, shapeshifter

We inhabit this body - (two in one)
At the wrist we are simease
The ever-shifting force
Blotted out

Breathe in
He's here! Coursing my veins
We'll learn to be - when we breathe the same
his words begin all my chapters
(coursing my veins)
And I can breathe

My most tender detail - Pulled back thumbnail
Had me double checking - steady rehearsing
Set the motion - Personification
Every gasp of air - every move - every stare
(we separate)
The stark shillouette standing there
(we separate)
Crush the complex - drain the elixir from every pore, every bone, every vein
We separate

I can breathe - and he separates

You can see him in my eyes - his image transient
The clarity of his purpose shown like never before
(like never before)
It's the part of me that fears to be ignored
And I fear to be ignored.
Track Name: Exorcism
Catch up - chase the affinity
Rebuke the serpent living inside of me
Step out of line was the dare
Bitterness - weight to share
Now aimless - complete surveillance
"left behind" - You don't have the endurance
Young heart of gold - set apart

Double face - eliminate
Palpitate now force a clean slate
Compensate - make me pay
Convince a kid he's not okay

Hand in the air - until you're chosen
Walk softly- bless the Shaman
Plant seeds of faith and fear
My spirit - austere

Tell me, tell me the logical change
You're the fiend - you need to maintain
Tell me, tell me I gotta change
You need to maintain

Overtake - devour
You're just a man
Impose your power
Diagnose - blame the body

It was a matter of time
It was only a matter of time
It was a matter of time


Get off this floor
Storm the way to the far side of that door
Pressure now, nowhere to be found

From this floor
Storm the way to the far side of that door
Pressure now, nowhere to be found
Track Name: Sturdy Pulse
Sturdy pulse - brain dead
Spoiled purpose - lay unfed
Side step reciprocation
Body language - everything

We live, we breathe, we must suffer these
Passed through involuntary parts of me

Contest conquering wind
My lungs - breeze begins
Reach up - unbolt the window
Liberate! - push my hand through
Refract the glare - bloodless disrepair
I live and I breathe - take back all of these

Perform customary distraction
Reliant on self-deprication
Reduce, reduced
Inward focus - outward focus - become the focus - remain the focus
Seven years old - must control - just seven years old - I must control

Conscious and I remain
Collected - free of restrain
Sleeping soft beside the window
Daydream - survive freefall

Clear light kisses linen
Stillness underneath my eyelids
Clearest light, reflect in me
Not a war - Serenity.