Back To The Clinic

from by Worker



Back to the clinic!
I believed in prescriptions
Crash my nervous system
Red, White, Blue - stack the symptoms
USE ME! - sustain your mission
Relief I feel when I grip the bottle
Twenty years later - same damn problem
Digest that tablet - little pills compound the stress

Must trust manufactured control
Quick fix to fit my mind mold
Titrate up - Temporarily quelled
Race to the cabinet and find myself

DRUGS - Day after day after day after day after day after day - until it's a blackout

One component in living to crawl
Believe in gods who market a "cure all"
Guarded fields - Protected pockets
Pure peace is not an opiate

Place it on the tongue
My blues will build and stay
I know I'm not meant to live this way

There's a threshold I'm going to find
Where I make my own damn mind
There's a threshold I'm going to find.


from Neurology, released December 13, 2011


tags: rock Nashville


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Worker Nashville, Tennessee

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